Launched in 1976, the Morgan Fuel Brand quickly became synonymous with superior protection and performance. Our legendary products grew until they became America's and then the World's top performance fuels.The Morgan Fuel's family of Cool Power, Sidewinder, Omega and our private label fuels make us the World's largest selling model engine fuel company. Our growing partnership of combined companies, dealers, employees, pilots and drivers are all committed to your satisfaction. Our hope is that with the information provided in this web page you can learn about our company's contributions in the improvement of fuels and your modeling enjoyment.


Our aim has been to deliver the world's most advanced and easy to use model engine fuels. Since we opened our doors, Morgan Fuels has distinguished itself with cutting edge innovation that transcended traditional thinking to improve both the protection and performance of model engines. Our first gallon of fuel was the culmination of years of research and development and like every gallon of fuel we've made since, it is the end result of a firm refusal to compromise. We call this the pursuit of perfection.

Morgan Fuels continues to be the standard for advanced technology measured not only by our leading sales volume, but by exceeding the expectations of our customers and ourselves. Our goal is not to remain the largest. It is to stay the best.


Morgan Fuels has always pursued a uniquely uncompromising approach to creating premium fuels. Our innovation begins with a sophisticated fusion of seemingly incompatible ideas: high performance and fuel efficiency, or advanced technology and exceptional ease of use. Combining state of the art technology with simple application assures that Morgan Fuels are not only exotically original but user friendly. The philosophy of refusing to accept limits inspires all aspects of Morgan Fuels development. Morgan Fuels are measured against a set of internal requirements called the Morgan Fuels Musts which cover design, performance, specifications and equipment. These proprietary protocols make Morgan Fuels distinctive in quality and consistency. They make our fuels worthy of the Morgan Fuels brand.